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At the start of June, Secular Pro-life compiled this list of LGBT pro-life activists and organisations. We’re very happy to share it: 

Aimee Murphy: @rehumanizeaimee

Andrew Bair: @ProLifePolitics

Herb Geraghty: @HerbGeraghty

Lauren Handy: @repreaux

Hayden Lane: @ProLifeLGBTQ

LGBTQ and Pro-Life: @LGBTQProLife

PLAGAL+ (formerly known as the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians): @PLAGALofficial

Rehumanize International (LGBT+ leadership): @rehumanizeintl

We recognise a lot of names here, and these accounts and organisations are well worth checking out. 

On our own blog, we’ve actually interviewed one of the people on the list, Herb, about his work with Rehumanize. The post is here if you’re interested. It’s a really interesting discussion about Rehumanize’s consistent life ethic vision. We’ve also interviewed Eve Tushnet, who isn’t on this list, but who has written about being gay and Catholic and has volunteered for years in a crisis pregnancy center. That post contains a really thoughtful discussion abou how to support women in crisis pregnancy situations. 

The Minimise Project is committed to building a pro-life movment that is inclusive. But we’re also interested in sharing good pro-life activism for its own sake, and that’s what we’re doing here.