The Minimise Project

facilitating better conversations about abortion & promoting policies to reduce the abortion rate in Ireland

The Minimise Podcast

Pro-life and pro-choice people often talk past each other, misunderstanding and misinterpreting each other, and no one makes any progress. We want to enable people with a variety of different views to have meaningful and productive conversations about pregnancy and abortion.

Season Finale: your questions answered The Minimise Podcast

Ben and Muireann take a look through our comments box and answer some of the questions we’ve been asked over the course of the series. Responding to 'I wouldn't have an abortion myself, but I support other people's choice to have one' Are pro-lifers hypocrites if they don't want to punish abortion? Should states be netural on the issue of abortion? Is consent to sex consent to pregnancy? Where is the Minimise Project heading? — Links:
  1. Season Finale: your questions answered
  2. Why are pro-life films so bad? An interview with Rachel Sherlock
  3. What does a pro-life culture mean anway?
  4. Better Conversations: An interview with Josh Brahm of ERI
  5. Do liberals and conservatives think about abortion differently?
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