The Minimise Project

facilitating better conversations about abortion & promoting policies to reduce the abortion rate in Ireland

Our Pro-Life Pledge

Our Pro-Life Pledge is our code of conduct and guiding document. It empowers us to advocate for the right to life of preborn humans in a spirit of respect, honesty and openness.

Each element of the pledge flows from our central conviction that all human beings have an inherent value and dignity are worthy of respect and deserve to live free from violence.

We pledge to treat everyone we encounter with respect and to promote respectful and open debate.

We pledge to reject racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, and religious bigotry, and all unjust discrimination.

We pledge to make the pro-life movement a welcoming place for all, including those of any religion or none.

We pledge to debate honestly and in good faith; we will support our arguments with evidence and correct ourselves if we are shown to be wrong.

We pledge to engage with those experiencing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies with respect and compassion. Looking down on anyone for being in this situation is unacceptable.

We pledge to treat women who have had abortions with respect and compassion, listen to their stories and acknowledge their experiences.

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