Some Student Experiences of the Rally for Life 2017

The evening before the Rally for Life, some of us got together and made posters. This was really fun and it was great coming up with different slogans to show a side of the pro-life movement that isn’t as obvious as it could or should be, e.g. pro-life feminism. The next day at the rally, so many people talked to us about our signs. Some were curious, some were hostile, but most thought they were fantastic!

A Ghost of a Chance? Turning all Feminists into Pro-Life Feminists

If you’re part of a movement that people have negative impressions of, these impressions can be quite difficult to dispel. This is sometimes what it’s like trying to convince people feminism isn’t some hypocritical, self-centred movement for rich western women. It’s also what it can be like for pro-life feminists trying to win over our pro-choice counter parts – there are some pretty common ideas that people will believe about you without necessarily having any good reason to do so. Here are some ideas and tactics I think could help counter that.