The Minimise Project

facilitating better conversations about abortion & promoting policies to reduce the abortion rate in Ireland

Our vision, mission and values


We want the Irish abortion rate to be as low as possible. Our ultimate goal is to build a society where pregnancy and parenting are never barriers to professional or educational achievement, financial security, or happiness, and thus a society where abortion is both redundant as a social practice and unconscionable as an act of violence against the most vulnerable of human beings.


In 2018, a majority of voters chose to remove the recognition of the right to life of the preborn child from the Irish Constitution. This permitted the Oireachtas to legislate for abortion provision in Ireland, which it did with the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018. In light of this, we believe the time is right for a new approach. Rather than focusing on defending a particular legal framework, we want to minimise the number of abortions in order to save as many lives as we can.


We want to do this in two ways: first, by changing people’s minds about abortion through constructive conversation, and second, by drawing attention to the best ideas on how to reduce the abortion rate, through this website and blog, social media (Twitter and Facebook), and events.

There is room for cooperation in working to reduce the abortion rate. Whatever your views on abortion, we can all agree that it is good to prevent crisis pregnancies, to assist those in violent or abusive relationships, to increase supports for single parents, vulnerable families and children with disabilities, to tackle pregnancy discrimination and anti-parent attitudes in the workplace, and so on. We want to highlight the most promising policy solutions for these problems and build a broad consensus of support for them.

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