Seven reasons why pro-life people should distance themselves from racist election candidates

The entire pro-life movement is based on a desire to protect vulnerable human beings who do not have the protection of law and cannot speak for themselves. If we deny the contradiction between claiming to be pro-life and turning a blind eye to racism when we encounter it, especially within the pro-life movement itself, not only are we handing our opponents a very large stick with which to beat us, but we are turning our back on vulnerable human beings who most need – and deserve – our compassion and support.

Why was it so easy for Northern Irish parties to betray their voters on abortion?

It’s unfortunately the case that just because a person opposes abortion does not mean that opposition to abortion is a political priority for them. Hard as it may be to believe for many of us convinced pro-lifers, a person may oppose abortion but care far more about other political issues, and not be particularly inclined to vote on the the issue in politics. That’s why we’re not seeing the NI parties pay a political cost.