The Minimise Project

facilitating better conversations about abortion & promoting policies to reduce the abortion rate in Ireland

Better arguments, diverse perspectives

Panel Discussion, “Diversity in the Pro-life Movement: Can you be Atheist, Feminist, Progressive, and Pro-Life?” (21 Feb 2019, Loyola University). Panel: Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa of New Wave Feminists; Aimee Murphy of Rehumanize International; Cessilye Smith, maternal & racial justice activist, and executive director of Abide Women’s Health Services; Albany Rose, an atheist who became pro-life after a coerced abortion. (Video of the talk is available here : )

Having better conversations

The Consistent Life Ethic

The latest from their blog:

Pro-Life Feminism

Secular organisations

Secular Pro-Life

The latest from their blog, Secular Pro-Life Perspectives:


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