Marketing, motherhood and the problems with glorifying pregnancy

It is mind-blowing to think that an entire human grew, from scratch, inside a woman. But let’s be cautious about our language. If we put motherhood on too much of a pedestal, we run the risk of telling women that maybe they should steer clear. Maybe they’re not quite able to take on the awesome burden of motherhood. Maybe they’re not quite up to the task of being Supermamma just yet. Maybe they should stay as a normal woman: not pregnant.

How to talk to your pro-life friend about her pregnancy*

Pro-choice people often believe that they can relate in an unburdened and non-judgemental manner to anyone who is or was pregnant, because they truly support that person regardless of her circumstances or choices surrounding her pregnancy. For this reason, pro-choice people often believe their pro-life friends have no reason to feel in any way awkward or coy around them when they are or were pregnant. However, a pro-life person, who sees the rights and humanity of her baby as being absolute and objective, may feel slightly differently about it.