This week, in honour of Mothers’ Day, we’re linking to some of our previous blogs that cover the topic of motherhood.

Mothers’ Day can be a wonderful day for so many mothers, but do we include pregnant women in the set of those we celebrate today? Here’s a post arguing that we should.

Having said this, pro-life people should be careful not to put motherhood on too high a pedestal when arguing against abortion.

Motherhood is anathema to certain careers, with pregnant women and mothers being routinely discriminated against in elite sports and in the acting industry.

In order to support all pregnant and postpartum mothers, the National Maternity Strategy should be implemented as soon as possible. Sadly, there has been no progress on this issue since we last blogged about it in summer 2020.

New mothers can save the lives of other people’s babies in Ireland through the life-saving initiative of Ireland’s Human Milk Bank, which is always looking for new donors.

In this Explainer post, we cover the various types of leave available to mothers and fathers in Ireland.

In our Policy Spotlight series, we support an initiative to pay child benefit from the third trimester of pregnancy.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all our readers!

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