Photo via Christin Hume on Unsplash

Exciting news: we have guest post on Secular Pro-Life Perspectives, for our money one of the best pro-life blogs in the world. Over there, Ben writes about about chemical abortion and telemedicine.

Use of chemical abortions is increasing rapidly. So-called ‘medical’ abortions were almost one-third of the total in the US in 2016 – a vast number considering the Food and Drug Administration only approved the use of the ‘abortion pill’ in 2000. In many other countries chemical abortions are over fifty per cent of the total. In Ireland, over 98% of abortions are from pills taken in the first trimester. 

His blog considers different ways that the wider availability of the abortion pill will change the contours of the abortion debate, sometimes in ways you might not expect.

#2: It will be even easier for men to force women into abortionThere have already been several reported cases of women being slipped abortion pills without their knowledge or consent: see for example this report in the Washington Post. For each crime like this that’s reported or even prosecuted, it’s probable that others go unnoticed. As chemical abortion and telemedicine become even more common, expect to see more “miscarriages” that are in fact forced abortions by the father.

Check out the rest over at Secular Pro-Life. Kelsey and the gang at SPL have been a huge influence on us, and featuring on their blog is a great honour. Please check out the rest of their blog: they’ve just put up a great post about why laws mandating the investigation of miscarriages as potential abortions would be cruel and wasteful.