Our Links Roundup posts are a way of spotlighting some of the most interesting things we’ve come across on the web each week. We want to draw attention to thoughtful articles, clever ideas to reduce abortion, compelling personal stories, or good ways of approaching the abortion debate.

Emmerdale: ITV soap defends Down’s syndrome storyline
In a previous links roundup we highlighted the discrimination faced by unborn children with Down Syndrome and their parents. This discrimination and stigmatisation will now be further entrenched and legitimised in a plotline on the British TV soap Emmerdale

“Emmerdale producers have defended a forthcoming storyline which will see a couple terminate their pregnancy after being told their unborn child has Down’s syndrome. The announcement of the storyline last week prompted a backlash from some viewers, who said the ITV soap was adding to stigma around the condition.”

The story did receive some pushback, and not just from pro-life adcovates:

“Tim Reid, the co-creator and co-writer of Car Share, tweeted: “Dear Emmerdale, are you confident you’ve tackled this story in a way your audience with Down’s syndrome deserve? Have you taken the same approach you would if characters were choosing to end a pregnancy for reason of gender, race or physical disability?” “

Polish Women Could Access Abortion in Iceland, MP Proposes
The Polish Constitutional Tribunal recently ruled that the country’s abortion regime was discriminatory towards babies with disabilities. In the aftermath of this decision, an Icelandic MP proposed a parliamentary resolution offering Polish and Malteese women free abortions, given that abortion is not widely available in those two jurisdictions. 

“The resolution is due to the current situation in Poland and the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court, which is a blow to women’s rights in Europe,” Rósa Björk said. The parliamentary resolution was supported by 18 MPs from the Social-Democratic Alliance, the Reform Party, the Pirate Party, and the Left-Green Movement.” 

Unfortunately the MP has framed this issue in a manner which completely ignores the right to life of unborn children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities.

Divergent Colorado and Louisiana Abortion Votes Set the Tone for a Possible Post-Roe America
In the recent US election, the top of the ballot paper (Trump v Biden) was viewed by many as battle over abortion rights. However, some down-ballot measures were more directly related to the right to life of unborn children, and offer a glimpse of what might happen in America in a post-Roe world. 

“In Louisiana, voters approved a measure that will amend the state’s constitution to read that it does not guarantee the right to abortion or the right to funding for abortions. In Colorado, voters rejected an initiative that would have banned abortions at 22 weeks of pregnancy.”

The moral of the story here is that even if (and hopefully when) Roe v Wade is overturned by the US Supreme Court, the abortion battle will only be just beginning. When some US states will probably ban abortions, others (like New Jersey) will seek to expand abortion access, in an unfortunate tit-for-tat. Pro-lifers need to lay the groundwork now (as Sen Katrina Jackson has done in Louisiana) for a post-Roe future, and realise that battle in the years ahead will be a long hard fight, as the unfortunate result of Colorado’s referendum showed.