#ShoutOutSaturday hits 20 

Celebrating 20 weeks of Highlighting Inspiring Organisations 

Here at the Minimise Project, every Saturday is #ShoutOutSaturday – which means we like to highlight the diversity and breadth of the pro-life moment by recognising and celebrating the work of many inspiring pro-life organisations.

To celebrate 20 weeks of shout-outs, here are all our posts so far!

1) Equal Rights Institute

Check out our friends at the Equal Rights Institute – who create excellent content aimed at helping pro-life lifers make better and more consistent arguments for the pro-life cause.

Give them a like on facebook, visit their website, and DEFINITELY sign up for their ‘Equipped for Life’ online course!

2) New Wave Feminists

New Wave Feminists are a grassroots feminist group focused on the human dignity of all people, from the womb to the tomb.

Take a look at their website, and give them a like on facebook.

3) Pro Life Socialists

We want you to check out Pro-Life Socialists – who gather socialists online who believe in social justice for all – including the unborn!

4) Secular Pro Life

Take a look at SecularProLife – a group that advocates the pro-life position from a secular perspective.

Give them a like, and check out their very helpful blog! 

5) PLAGAL – the Pro Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians

Check out PLAGAL – an alliance of LGBT individuals who aim to raise awareness of the pro-life cause.

Support them on Facebook! 

6) Don’t Screen Us Out

You may have seen Don’t Screen Us Out in the news recently.

This UK based group highlights the profound injustice of children with Down’s syndrome being prenatally screened out by abortion. 

We would strongly encourage you to share about this equality campaign on social media, and in conversations with people. 

7) Rehumanize

Check out Rehumanize – an awesome group that advocates for the pro-life position from a consistent life ethic.

Give them a like and look at their great journal ‘Life Matters’.

Also check out our recent interview with Herb, their Director of Outreach!

8) Anew

This week check out Anew Support Services – a wonderful charity that provides support services for pregnant women and new mothers. In particular, they offer accommodation to pregnant women experiencing homelessness, which is such a crucial part of the pro-life cause.

Give them a like and check out the great work they do!

9) Feminists for Nonviolent Choices

Feminists for Nonviolent Choice are a really great organisation that advocates for the pro-life life position from both a feminist and consistent life ethic perspective.

They seek to open peoples minds to the belief that ‘all people, by virtue of their human dignity, have a right to live without violence from conception to natural death.’

Give them a like and check out the great work they do!

10) What’s My Prolife line?

This week check out What’s My Pro-Life Line – a great resource that seeks to provide pro-life people with ‘short, kind pro-life messages’.

They believe that ‘The more pro-life people there are intelligently talking about abortion with love and kindness, the faster we can cultivate a pro-life society that uniformly rejects abortion.’

Check out their social media for their excellent and thoughtful tips for conversations about abortion.

11) LGBT Prolife Ireland

LGBT Pro Life Ireland are an alliance of LGBT individuals who aim to give a ‘voice to Irish LGBT people who challenge the notion that abortion is acceptable.

Check out their Facebook and Twitter.

12) Hugh’s House

Hugh’s House is an amazing organisation which supports parents of children in hospital with serious illness in Dublin by providing accommodation and a ‘home away from home’ for families in this incredibly difficult situation.

Learn more on their website, and click on the link to donate!

13) Students for Life Ireland

Take a look at our friends over at Students for Life Ireland.

They are a human rights organisation and fab collection of students who support and participate in life affirming activities on campuses across Ireland.

Check out their website and social media for loads of resources and tips for Irish pro-life students! 

14) Consistent Life Network

This week check out the Consistent Life Network, a group committed to the protection of life from the threats of ‘war, abortion, poverty, racism, the death penalty and euthanasia’.

They seek an ‘affirmation of peace & nonviolence, recognition of the value of the life, happiness, and welfare of every person, and all the political and structural changes that will bring this about.’

What great aims! 

Learn more on their website or facebook page.

15) Doctors for Life Ireland

Do you know about Doctors for Life Ireland?

They are a committed group of registered medical professionals who wish to ‘uphold the practice of medicine as a service to human life at all stages.’

If you are a medical/health sciences student or professional, definitely contact them and get involved!

For there are plenty of helpful resources on their website.

16) We Are Pro Life Women

We Are Pro Life Women is an inspiring online collective highlighting the stories of underrepresented pro-life women.

Creating a space for diverse selection of pro-life women is their aim, so if you have a story to share with them, send them a message or support their social media! 

17) Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

We’re delighted to share Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.

They are an international organisation which trains photographers in capturing precious moments parents have with babies who die during or shortly after birth.

They ‘offer the gift of healing, hope and honour to parents experiencing the death of a baby through the overwhelming power of remembrance portraits.’

Thank you for what you do!

18) Every Life Counts

Every Life Counts is a support group for parents and families of pre-born babies diagnosed with a terminal condition. 

They provide a place where parents can share their memories, their joy, their pain, and their love.

They also give practical support and information to parents and hospitals who request it.

Keep up the great work!

19) Feminists for Life

We’d like to introduce you to the awesome Feminists For Life!

Their vision is to create a world in which pregnancy, motherhood and birthmotherhood are accepted and supported.

They are a ‘nonsectarian, nonpartisan, grassroots organization that seeks real solutions to the challenges women face.’

Give them a like on facebook and visit their website! 

20) Zoe Community 

The Zoe Community is a recently established life affirming and women empowering organisation.  They are a ‘community of courage, empowering women for life.’ 

Thank you for all you do to encourage and stand alongside women!

You may have seen our recent interview with Katy Edgmon, their founder and staff leader.

Support them by liking them on facebook or checking out their website!