The Abortion Rights Campaign and ‘Fatal Foetal Abnormality’

On 28 June 2017, we made the same search they did on Wiley Online Library.As of that date, a search for ‘fatal fetal abnormality’ (using no quotation marks) yielded 10,009 results, which included 8,345 journals, 1,188 books and 411 reference works. But it’s by using a very simple search tool that we get the real picture of how often ‘fatal foetal abnormality’ is used on Wiley, and that tool is the quotation mark. As one website puts it, ‘When you use quotation marks around a phrase, you are telling the search engine to only bring back pages that include these search terms exactly how you typed them in order, proximity, etc’ . This isn’t a pro-life trick or a crafty legalistic loophole: it’s a well-known method of filtering out irrelevant results on the Internet.